A Love Story: From Strangers to Family

A beautiful video profile of “Love, InshAllah” editor Ayesha Mattu & her husband Randy Nasson, who was also yesterday’s “Salaam, Love” featured contributor.

Video credit and gratitude to Women of Spirit & Faith, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Alison Fast and documentary filmmaker Chandler Griffin!

Man of the House


I’ve had many humbling experiences in my life, including voluntarily going homeless for one week every year as part of an awareness-raising project. But my most humbling experience so far has been being unemployed.

Since I left my job in October, I went from being the man-of-the-house to the man-in-the-house. My new househusband role begins at 6:45 am when I wake up to make and pack my wife’s lunch. By 7:15 am, I’ve also ironed her clothes. At 7:30 am, I’m warming up the car to drop her off at the train station fifteen minutes later

After that, phase two begins. I make sure the house is clean, the laundry is done and dinner is made while also searching and applying for jobs. It sounds easy enough, right? Let me tell you, it’s one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever done and I’m still trying to get it 100% right. I have a new respect for women and men who take on the role of homemaker. And, I can only imagine the work it takes to be a stay-at-home parent.

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30 Years Together

Unlike the movies, making a life with another person is rarely a happily ever after.

There are stormy seasons and safe comforting shores by turn. In our life together, there have been times that my husband Yusuf and I could have given up because those comforting shores were nowhere to be seen.

But, this week marks three decades together as wife and husband.

In making it this far together, I’ve discovered four hard-learned truths in the creative process that is marriage:
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50 Romantic Photos

Check out more photos in Buzzfeed’s collection entitled, The 50 Most Romantic Photos of All Time.

For better, for worse, couples who endure

Thea & Ron

A new NYT weekly feature profiles marriages, civil unions and partnerships that have lasted over 25 years.In the first of the series, one couple reminisces on the glue that holds it all together.

Know a couple who should be profiled? Send them your submission, here!

What he learned from her:

Ron: She made me stronger no doubt about it. She made me realize I had potential to do above and beyond. I never would have stepped out of my comfort zone. I would have done something mundane, I’d still be in that mailroom if not for Thea.

What she learned from him:

Thea: Life frightens me, not him. He’s the one open to change. I’d be stuck in the same place if not for him, pushing me, cajoling, loving me, cheering me. He’s willing to showcase me, while staying in the background.


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