Guest blog for us!

We’ll be featuring guest posts from our contributors starting this week.

We’d also love to hear from YOU if you have an interesting perspective or wisdom to share when it comes to life, relationships, and the search for love!

We invite posts from male & female perspectives of up to 800 words. Send your post to us at and be sure to include a short bio

Some ideas/subjects to write about may include (but are not limited to):
* Relationships – share your strengths/learnings/wisdom/perspectives as advice & guidance for others searching for love
* Sexuality
* Communicating with your partner
* Gender
* What are the special strengths and vulnerabilities of American Muslim communities when it comes to love, sex and relationships?
* If storytelling + advocacy = social change how has telling your own story impacted your life/writing/activism/hopes?
* Many readers tell us they feel like they are no longer alone, but are finally connected to a larger sisterhood. Talk about sisterhood & what that looks like to you, especially with the advent of the Internet and ability to form global communities.
* Identity – juggling all the different hats we wear!
* How has reading Love InshAllah changed you or impacted your life? Has it changed your ideas of parenting for the future, or the reality of it in the present? Has the book started dialogue between you & your family or friends?
* Speak to issues we weren’t able to include in the book due to space constraints – choosing a long-term relationship/marriage with a non-Muslim; how having a disability impacts looking for a partner or making a relationship work; how sectarianism impacts the search for love or a partnership, mutaa, etc.
* Talk about art/literature in your specific community. Is it encouraged? Is religion/spirituality expected to play a role in its formation? How do you balance being a woman, daughter, sister, mother, wife/partner, community member and Muslim with your creativity and with your truth about your life?

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