Thank you for your support!

(From L to R: Love InshAllah writers Zahra Noorbaksh, Tanzila Ahmed, Nijla Mumin, Nura Maznavi, Ayesha Mattu & Asiila Imani)

Because of your incredible support, Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women was listed by Amazon as one of the top 200 books in the nation and #1 on the women’s studies and Islam bestseller lists. It’s also been featured by global media including the New York Times (+ almost every major paper in the US), NPR, BBC, The Guardian, Times of India, and Dawn Pakistan. Thank you for making this happen!

During our 5-city national tour, we were deeply moved by the overwhelmingly positive responses from Muslim community members and leaders across the country who said that the book helped them reconnect with their faith, their families and their own desire to love & be loved for who they are. Women & men from other faiths told us that they saw themselves reflected in these diverse Muslim women’s lives, and connected to them emotionally in a way that they’d never experienced before.

Let’s keep the momentum going and deepen the conversation with and about Muslim women in 5 simple ways:

1. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please read the book. If you have, share your thoughts with a short review. Amazon page:
2. Selected it for your book club? Contact us so that we can arrange a Skype Q&A session!
3. Connected to a university, women’s org, community center or interfaith group? Help us ensure Muslim women’s perspectives are included.
4. Come to a reading with friends/family to deepen intra- and inter-community dialogue and empathy.
5. Guest blog for us! We want to hear your wisdom on life, love and relationships.

In response to your requests, we’ve set up more readings in the SF Bay Area, Chicago and Atlanta – join the lively and provocative conversations! Check out our full listing of events, here. If you don’t see your city listed yet, contact us so we can make it happen!

This has been a truly amazing journey, one that we are grateful & blessed to be on with you. Thank you so much again for your support!

2 Comments on “Thank you for your support!”

  1. Cara says:

    Thank you for coming to Humboldt State to talk about your fabulous book! I originally came to the book discussion because I was curious what types of questions would come up. I walked out yesterday afternoon with a whole new perspective. The book idea is so original and heartfelt; I only hope to do something as successful one day. I am a young woman who still has so much more to learn about different cultures and perspectives and I loved everything you ladies had to say! After taking an Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies course this semester topics such topics as this have opened my eyes in so many ways. Thank you for your hard work in publishing this book so that not only Muslim women but women all around the world now feel like they too can tell their story and that they are not alone.

    Best Regards,
    Cara Crofts