Friday love: Laila Abdelaziz

Photo via Flickr Pareerica

In ‘Love InshAllah we’re introduced to the raw reality of the American Muslim experience…the levels of religiosity, the many perspectives, the different journeys of love, passion, and faith.

But what drew me to the anthology were not just the stories, but the women behind them. The realization that I could relate to each and every single one of them and that just as my story is multi-dimensional and justified… so is everyone else’s story. After reading Love InshAllah I learned to accept more, love more, care more… and, most importantly, pray more.’

– Laila Abdelaziz, Muslim Street

Note: Co-editor Nura Maznavi and contributor Chinyere Obimba will appear on the syndicated radio show The Muslim Street with host Laila Abdelaziz and journalist Carmel Delshad this Sunda,y April 15th at 8:00 pm EST.

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