Friday love – AMEEN!

I have been searching for this book my ENTIRE LIFE!

This. Is. Beautiful.

Officially buying this book for all my aunts, grandmother, and mother this Mothers Day. If only it was offered on Audio CD for the mothers who work in the home and office and cannot read on-the-go but can listen! Also buying this book as a gift for all my female Muslim friends for Eid/their birthday (depending on when I have the funds to do so). I have been looking my ENTIRE LIFE for this book! THANK YOU! Jazak Allah khair!

May the One for whom I love you, love you as much as the One is Infinite. May the One make this book a source of love and peace and goodness that enters the heart of all who read it and everything they touch. May it be a lantern when day becomes night, cool water when all rain clouds are out of sight, growth in the desert where death rules with might, and hope when fright makes our lungs tight and we lose sight of right.