Friday love — Savvy Sister of the Week!

The wonderful online community selected Love, InshAllah co-editor Ayesha Mattu as their Savvy Sister of the week! MySavvySisters is dedicated to providing resources, inspiration and guidance to women to empower them to survive and thrive in life. The website is presented by My Savvy Sisters, Inc. a not-for-profit organization that provides vital services for women, including a crisis hotline, mentoring sessions, and housing support.

MySavvySisters caught up with Ayesha and asked her to elaborate on the common misconceptions of Muslim women and her hopes for the book’s influence on our culture.

MSS: What is the biggest misconception that the western world has about Muslim women in regards to love and relationships? How do you think this concept was constructed?

Ayesha: The biggest misconception is, quite simply, that we are veiled, submissive creatures who marry out of duty, not love. In fact, the word “love” is almost never paired with the words “Muslim woman” in the minds of most people.

Ayesha’s complete interview is available here.