Friday Love: Patricia Dunn!

Why do love author & Love InshAllah contributor Patricia Dunn? Let us count the ways – Pat is an extraordinary writer, mother, friend, teacher, and mentor.

She wrote a deeply honest piece on marital love and infertility for the anthology, a moving piece for this blog on her son’s cancer diagnosis, and this week shared a lovely piece in the Portland Book Review on why we are compelled to write, and the relationships that allow us to do so:

When my son was receiving chemotherapy and living at the hospital more than at home, the support [my writing group] gave me, sitting at my side on brown vinyl couches in the patients’ family room, helped me write about what I couldn’t talk about. And when a publisher made an offer on my book contingent on edits, these woman were there for me, chapter by chapter, and from one chemo treatment to the next.

We don’t let each other give up. We trust. We believe. And we write.

Go now. Find a group of two, three, four, or five other writers where together you can write through your lives, about your lives, and, when necessary, around your lives.

Let’s face it, running isn’t an option.

Read the rest of the post here, & be sure to check out Patricia’s fantastic new YA novel Rebels by Accident, now available for pre-order!

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    love is love

  2. you are all so wonderful. I am overwhelmed by your support. Thank you! I love you all.