Friday Love: Yusef Ramelize

Last time we heard from Yusef, he had written a wonderful post for this blog entitled Who I need to be for youdetailing how he changed himself to become more open to finding the love of his life, Samira (below, mashAllah!).

This time, Yusef is going homeless.

Yusef has been going homeless for a week every year for the past four years to raise awareness about the realities that homeless people face each day.  In addition to going homeless this  year, he has taken a vow of silence in solidarity with homeless people, who are silenced and marginalized in our communities.

We, the editors, live in cities with large homeless populations, so we thought we had a pretty good idea of what that meant. But reading about Yusef’s journey over the past six days has been eye-opening, educational and moving.

Yusef is one of those rare people who walk the talk of living more compassionately and developing richer relationships with all those around him.  By doing so, he sets the bar for our aspirations and actions even higher.

Read more of Yusef’s story on the Homeless for a Week blog or Facebook page, and please support him in his goal of raising awareness and funds for a charity that feeds the homeless and hungry in twenty cities across the Northeast.

Our deepest love and respect to you, Yusef!