Poetry Monday: Eve Rivera



i don’t care what the news says about the
south and west side of chicago.
it is on these buses that men stand for me to sit.
where I am called “sister”;
where old ladies compliment my family,
and shake their head while smiling and
always asking “three boys?!”
it is these buses that when i make my kids stand for
the old, young, strollers, the pregnant, and handicapped
they are thanked and smiled at.
say what you want, believe what you may,
as hurt as our people are,
we are good people.

Eve Rivera is a Chicago based artist. She grew up studying multiple disciplines of theater, but her first true love was the art of words. She has degree in Early Childhood Education, and is currently working as a free lance photographer and mixed media artist. For more info about Eve and her art, visit her website.