She’s Someone


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  1. Lutherin says:

    Well, that certainly makes a statement, right there! Powerful message…

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    A woman is her own person. Often, when talking about respecting and treating women the right way, men are reminded that a woman is someone’s sister / mother / daughter / wife, and then they are asked to imagine how they would feel if someone disrespects or ill-treats their own sister / mother / daughter / wife. Why the need to point out that she ‘belongs’ to somebody? Why can’t a woman be respected and treated right because she is someone, she is a person just like you?

    • Servant of God says:

      Maybe because the majority of men today do not have respect for themselves, not even talking about someone else. They do sometimes however have a certain need to protect what is “theirs”, their family, their son, their cubs, their mate if I may phrase it like that. I might be wrong.

  3. mayiyyaa says:

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