Calling Muslim Women Artists, Activists, Thinkers

“Marilyn,” from Iranian artist Homa Arkani’s series “Share Me,” included in the International Museum of Women’s online exhibition at

Sisters, our time is here.

The groundbreaking International Muslim of Women’s online global exhibition, Muslima: Muslim Women’s Arts and Voices has a call for submissions for Muslim women anywhere to share our art, music, poetry, perspectives, and personal stories.

The submissions call also seeks non-Muslim women’s voices in collaboration on the following topics:

Interfaith: Do you see a relationship between your faith and other faiths? What issues do Muslim women face that you also face? How have your interfaith experiences inspired your art? Are you part of an organization or project that is doing interfaith work? Are you a Muslim who has been transformed by a person who isn’t Muslim or vice versa?

Power: How much power do Muslim women have? What does that power look and feel like? What advances and what restricts Muslim women’s power?

Leadership: Who are your female Muslim leaders and role models? How do you exhibit leadership?

Appearance: What do you look like? What do Muslim women look like? What role does the veil play in a Muslim woman’s appearance, and why?

Myths: What are the biggest myths about Muslim women? How do they compare with the reality? What were you told was Islamic that turned out not to be?

Generations: Do you practice Islam differently than your mother? What defines your generation of Muslim women?

Faith: What place does faith have in your life? What is your personal Islam?

Change: How is the Muslim world changing? How is the new generation of Muslim women influencing that change? How did 9/11 change you and how others see you? What are your hopes for changes in the future?

Connection: How connected do you feel to: God? To other Muslims? To your mosque? To non-Muslim women?

Visit here to learn more about the project.

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