“Get married or die fasting”


Author and academic Haroon Moghul – a contributor to our forthcoming book Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy – writes a provocative new column for Al Arabiya English on marriage, modernity, and Muslims:

In the Muslim world, we love to say proscribe. But to actually take the risk of addressing the real world?

‘Someone’s out there,’ I promised Tariq. Technically true. But cruelly. The very uncertainty that made our rapidly changing world a lonelier place—and thus us in need of more intimacy—makes it harder to find someone. By upending our remaining certainties. Denying us our traditional practices: If a religion cannot speak to changed circumstances, it’ll be left by the wayside.

Either we jettison our moral norms or change our social conditions so those norms become practical again. Did you catch that? We must cultivate the confidence to breed (pardon the expression) the minds who dare to ask: What would our economies, our education, our policies, even our architecture and our culture, look like if we took this mission to marry seriously? Because modernity is not going away, and the only way through it is through it.

But what works somewhere doesn’t work everywhere.

Read the rest of the column, here.

One Comment on ““Get married or die fasting””

  1. randomblurting says:

    Excellent piece.. addresses the dilemmas of people searching for their ‘one’ very potently. Thank you for sharing.