Muslim VDay Cards!

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for loved ones? We’re thrilled to announce a creative partnership with gifted artist Taz Ahmed to celebrate American Muslim art and the upcoming publication of “Salaam, Love“. Taz has created three, six-card sets of witty, political #MuslimVDay cards ready to mail and share with friends and family. The cards are limited editions, making them unique gifts for yourself or a loved one! All proceeds go to the artist.

Taz Ahmed by Les Talusan

Taz Ahmed by Les Talusan

Are you a Muslim who finds it difficult to find that perfectly snarky, witty Valentine’s Day card that conveys your exact emotions about love in the time of a racialized, Islamophobic America? This 18-card collection of #MuslimVDay, Valentine’s Day cards will solve your problem!

Series 2 First Half

Started in 2011 as a personal counterculture art project by Taz Ahmed, the six #MuslimVDay card images created every year since then have taken the Internet like storming drones. Muslims love. Muslims laugh. Muslim have snark. If these cards make you laugh, sometimes uncomfortably, then they’ve done their job.

Collect all three limited edition sets today!


#MuslimVDayCard is Ahmed’s lighthearted answer to Islamophobia, and the confining stereotypes that trail her as a Muslim woman. “I was thinking about Islamophobia and language around Muslims and love,” she said. “I was tired of Muslims being put into a box — and tired of being in the box of a non-sexual Muslim woman. This was my way of reappropriating Islamophobia.”

Series 1 First Half

The series is political humor at its best: cheeky, sharp, with clever puns and lightness of spirit that’s grounded in the reality of Muslim life in this post-9/11 era. Ahmed says that Muslims love the series and laugh openly at it, whereas many non-Muslims “feel bad about laughing at the jokes.”


This is a limited print run. You will receive a full series of six cards with each purchase. Collect all 18! The cards are printed on 4.25 x 5.5 postcard size cardstock and are ready to be mailed. Each card is full colored, numbered, signed & dated by the artist.

See all 18 cards and order your #MuslimVDay card set today from Taz’s Etsy shop!

Series 2 Second Half

Artist bio: Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed is an activist, storyteller, and politico based in Los Angeles currently working as the Voter Engagement Manager at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles. She was a long-time writer for Sepia Mutiny, and was recently published in the anthology Love, Inshallah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women and both zines from Totally Radical Muslims. Her personal projects include curating images for Mutinous Mind State and writing about Desi music at Mishthi Music where she just co-produced Beats for Bangladesh: A Benefit Album in Solidarity with the Garment Workers of Rana Plaza. Taz also organizes with Bay Area Solidarity Summer and South Asians for Justice – Los Angeles. You can find her rant at @tazzystar.