The Kids Are All Right

I remember being handed thin, dry, misspelled pamphlets on the life of the Prophet (saws) or the Companions that instilled little more in me than the desire to escape the confines of Sunday school. Plus, we had to walk seven miles to school. Uphill. Both ways.

Kids nowadays? With fabulous writers and designers like these, they’ve got it made, inshAllah!

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 11.05.32 PM

Read the beautifully illustrated “Angels” and “The Conference of the Birds” by Bostonian Alexis York Lumbard. She also has an app called “Meow, Meow, Maulana: The Story of Muhammad.”

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Be amazed at the creative use of legos to tell Qur’anic stories in “Teaching Kids the Holy Quran”by Mezba Mahtab in Toronto.

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And check out apps, books, wall decor and more from Aussie graphic designer Peter Gould.

We also enjoyed reading Hina Khan-Mukhtar’s article, Raising Kids with Deen & Dunya.

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2 Comments on “The Kids Are All Right”

  1. luaydpk says:

    all birds come to Simugh

  2. runayesharun says:

    this was one of my FAVORITE books from college!!