How Art and Music Create New Hybrid Culture


North African-Dutch musician and creative artist, Rajae El Mouhandiz, gave a stunning TEdxBreda talk a few months ago on claiming her Islamic North African heritage as her own, the legacy of postcolonialism, and the importance of telling your own story through the arts. As #EmpoweredMuslimWomen are blazing up the stratosphere while talking back to misogynist metanarratives to claim new cultural space, we are proud to showcase Rajae as our Friday Love!

Rajae is working on several awesome projects, such as recording new music and a Crowdfunding endeavor to empower Moroccan women in the handicraft industry. She is also helping bring to life European productions of The Hijabi Monologues.

Take time to listen to her story. It will inspire you!

2 Comments on “How Art and Music Create New Hybrid Culture”

  1. Anne Chia says:

    Amazing amazing amazing speech. I loved every minute of her speech, thanks for posting. It is important to embrace our histories and our past. But I believe we must embrace this and look the challenges emanating from this heritage in the face and labour towards excelling. It is time to embrace our histories and use the struggles as a stepping stone; not as a tool of divide or blame as we still see in many cultures.