I Am


Nashwa K

Nashwa Khan

Eds. Note: Please welcome Nashwa Khan, whose column “Mamool For Breakfast” will be appearing the first Tuesday of every month!

“What are you?”

I am both cursed and blessed,
Feeling so deeply,
I am woman and song,
I am pages of unfinished stories.

“Where are you from?”

I am from a mix of fierce and fragile,
honey and salt,
creation and destruction,
from the earth, sky and ocean.

“Where are you originally from ?”

I am whole but broken.
The fault-lines in my bones,
Blemishes that kiss my skin.
The scars forming constellations on my body.

“But what are your parents?”

They are labour and exploitation in the name of “The American Dream,”
from beautiful lands ravaged by history.
I am the creation of imperialism, orientalism,
hues of colonization in between.
I am colonized but settler.

I am.

Nashwa Khan identifies as South Asian/African Diaspora and is currently studying creative writing at University of Toronto and Addictions Counselling at McMaster University. She holds a strong interest in narrative medicine and cultural competency. You can usually find her ranting on Twitter on the intersections of pop culture, health and race. Connect with her @nashwakay.

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  1. Beautifully written!!!