Written in the Stars: Author Interview with Aisha Saeed


In Love, Inshallah, Aisha Saeed eloquently introduced readers to her traditional, Pakistani match-made love story. When she met her future husband, Aisha already knew that she wanted to write about a story different than her own – a fictional account of Naila, a young Pakistani-American girl, who is forced into marriage.

Aisha fully explores Naila’s journey in her first young-adult novel, Written in the Stars, released in March 2015 from Penguin Nancy Paulsen books.  Publishers Weekly says the book “…movingly conveys the intense cultural pressure that motivates Naila’s parents and the heartbreaking betrayal Naila feels as she is deprived of her rights, cut off from the outside world, and threatened with shame and death.”

Deonna Kelli Sayed speaks with Aisha about how she met her husband, the initial trepidation dealing with an often cliched subject matter, and her involvement with We Need Diverse Books.  Listen to the interview after the jump!

To learn more about Aisha, visit her website and follower her on Twitter. Watch the video below to learn about We Need Diverse Books. Click here for Aisha’s #RAMADANREADS2014. 

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2 Comments on “Written in the Stars: Author Interview with Aisha Saeed”

  1. Rajni says:

    I adored Written in the Stars and am so grateful/happy for the We Need Diverse Books movement. All the best to Ms. Saeed. 🙂

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