On Birth, by a Father-to-be

Yousef Turshani

Yousef Turshani

Flying into Detroit to see Sara and Nabil’s new home, it’s my annual visit to catch up with my now 5-year-old neice, Lina.  She who gave birth to me 35 years ago today will be there. We haven’t spent my birthday together for about a decade. All the warm greetings I receive today are for my mother.

This birthday is special in a few other ways too.

I’ve been blessed to have attended about a thousand births professionally, as a pediatrician. From the 1-pounder to the nearly 11 pounds. From Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to San Francisco, California. From the celebrity mothers to the orphans who were HIV+. They’ve all taught me something, and each birth was life changing for their families.

Just a few weeks away now is the one birth that will change my life.

Last night, before heading to the airport, I knelt down before the swollen belly pushing out in all directions. I have been singing “You are My Sunshine” to our growing girl throughout my wife Nadeah’s pregnancy.

Some time around October 8th I will get the chance, God willing, to sing directly to her in my arms.

On that day I’ll gain a new title: Daddy.


Lastly, I must indulge my love of numbers:

My birthday is Aug 27th.


I am 35 today.

8+27 = 35.

I was born in 1980.

2015 – 1980
2+0+1+5 = 8
19+8+0 = 27

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Yousef “Dr. Yo-Yo” Turshani is a pediatrician whose story appeared in the groundbreaking anthology, Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, & Intimacy. After their marriage, Yousef and his wife Nadeah lived in Micronesia on the island of Saipan for a few years, where they worked with the underserved and traveled through Asia. They now continue their journey together in Los Angeles.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ma’asha Allah, that’s a very touching piece that we loved as you expressed your true inspiration on your birthday and about your becoming a daddy soon, IA!
    Moms & Pops