Couchsurfing to Love

Ed. note: The author of today’s post won our Eid contest, “tweet us your love story,” with her entry: “I came to a foreign town & Couchsurfed while finding an apartment. Moved out in a week & moved back in 10 mths later, married.” This is her story…in more than 140 characters. 


It was the autumn of 2010. I had made several applications for a postgraduate course in four different cities and I was finally down to two choices. Between London or The Hague, I figured Holland would be less expensive and I would eat better food.

I was a self-funded student and I was looking for the cheapest alternative for everything, especially since I had spent the last two months desperately raising funds. I didn’t expect the university hostel to be so expensive (400 euros, seriously?), so I looked to Couchsurfing for tips.

Hi Dutchman,

This isn’t a CS request, but a general request for help if you know anyone that has a room (in student housing or otherwise) to rent — I’m going to study in Den Haag from this September onwards. I’ve posted some ads but I’m finding it quite difficult… If you have any information at all it would help me a lot, thank you so much!

Cheers, Sya

p/s: I hope you make it to India!

Dear Sya,

Your message reminds me of the need to update my profile again. I actually did make it to India – about a year ago! Haha! Well, anyway, I don’t know about any rooms for rent at the moment. Den Haag can be quite difficult because of all the expats living in the city. There are a few websites that offer rooms (however they do charge quite a high fee for “finding” you a place).

One thing you could actually try is contact my friend, L, who actually moved to Den Haag, surfed my couch for a week and spent her time looking for an apartment. She’s moving to Copenhagen soon and might have her awesome room still free for the next person. Or she might be able to ask a few people since she knows a lot of folks that do internships here.

Oh, and if you need a place to bridge the time from arrival to moving into your new room, you are of course always welcome to Couchsurf at my place 🙂

Good luck, and take care!

– Dutchman

I had no idea as to what would happen in the next ten months – it was as much a surprise to me as God’s plans usually are.

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