Spotlight: Angela Collins Telles, California girl, interior designer and Love InshAllah contributor!

An excerpt from Angela’s story, “Love in the Andes”:

“It was 2:00 am. Somehow, four hours had passed like minutes while we shared our life experiences about places we had visited around the world, our families, our jobs, our likes and dislikes. I was entranced by this man who spoke four languages fluently, enjoyed international travel as much as I did, and took care of his whole family back in Brazil. He was attractive, well educated, and amused by my stories.

“I have to go.” I said. “I have a boat trip early tomorrow on one of the lakes here before I leave Bariloche tomorrow night.”

“Wait—I would like to be in touch with you. How can I reach you?”

I hesitated. He was not Muslim. I could never see him again.

In spite of my qualms, I handed him a tiny piece of ripped paper. “This is my cell number in Argentina. But remember, I can only receive calls on this phone, not make them.”

I told myself it was safe. The number would exist for only another twenty-four hours, and besides, he was returning to Brazil the next morning. 

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Inexplicably, I had an immediate sense of loss, knowing that I would never see Marcelo again.”

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Tell us about yourself

I’m an American girl who grew up in a beach town in southern California.  My family members are very devout Irish Catholics and everyone believes in God.  I started to question who God was and what is just in the world at a very young age.  I always had a passion for the unknown and the world beyond my neighborhood.  I  began traveling internationally at a young age and have visited 39 countries to date.  I was most impressed with the hopsitality of Muslim families in the Middle East and in Kashmir.  I wrote a book entitled:  “Sola: Women can travel alone.” about 12 years ago.  But I decided not to publish the book once I realized that the message I was sending could lead some women into dangerous encounters abroad.   Aside from traveling, I love design, culinary arts, listening to waves from the ocean and being mom to my two very strong boys.

Why were you drawn to this project?

My very close friend Haneefa enthusiastically encouraged me to submit my love story to this book.  She said my story was the most wonderful she ever heard and everyone she told it to was inspired to not give up on marrying someone from a different culture.

What was the most challenging part of sharing your story?

Knowing that many Muslims would be reading it and would be unhappy with how some events took place.

If there’s one thing you hope that readers will take away from your story, what is it?

I hope readers realize that in the end God has a plan for all of us.  If we show up with the right intentions without hanging on to expectations of how things should be, our reward can be great.

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