The Love Tour – Day 4, Launch Party!

Feeling the love from San Francisco – the beautiful city where the idea for ‘Love InshAllah’ was born – as friends and family came together to celebrate Muslim women’s literary voices tonight!

One of the most striking things about our events so far? How much laughter there is at the gatherings. Such joy, love, and excitement coursing through the crowds as people – especially women – connect with each other.

(Lto R) Nura Maznavi, Suzanne Syeda Shah, and Huda al-Marashi

Some of our wonderful supporters

(L to R) Ayesha Mattu, Leila Khan, Nura Maznavi, Suzanne Syeda Shah, Yasmine Khan, Zahra Noorbakhsh, Tanzila Ahmed, & Huda al-Marashi

 More photos, here.

A special thank you to our writers Suzanne & Huda who came all the way from Sacramento and Ohio to celebrate with us. Getting to meet our writers in person is one of the greatest blessings of this book tour – you are truly our inspiration!

2 Comments on “The Love Tour – Day 4, Launch Party!”

  1. Sharon Hawley says:

    I read, with interest, the article in the SF Chronicle today about your book. Congratulations! I am wondering if either of the authors has time whether she would be willing to share some wisdom about the process of publishing your book. I am in the beginning stages of trying to do a similar project, i.e., collecting other women’s stories and compiling them into a book (different theme) and I have absolutely no experience! I would love to hear from one or both of you and look forward to reading your book.

    very sincerely,