How to buy a house. Or marry a girl.

I suppose the best way to classify how K and I met would be through a semi-arranged marriage process [which surprises some who say but you seem so in love?! But we are! Very much so. It’s not how I found him. It’s that I found him] Our process was so relatively simple I had no idea just how objective, distancing, and calculating the entire process could be until I later saw my friends struggle and listened to many guys discuss their search for a wife and, well, the further I descend into the house buy-sell process the more frightening similarities I see with the mentality behind house-hunting and bride-hunting:

  1. You start with a gussied up picture of potentials with just the right lighting.
  2. Keep in mind: The newer the better. Attractive a must. Take all the time you want! It’s a buyer’s market. There will always be good deals, the market is on your side.
  3. After going through dozens of potentials via websites and recommendations narrow it down to a few to start off with.
  4. Make the calls, set up appointments. Some may already be off the market which might make you wonder if you missed your chance at the one but its okay because there are so many others.
  5. Make your visits, pay close for your must-haves and for misrepresentation. Don’t you hate it when the picture conceals the very defect that would have made it a no deal?
  6. Just because you went and saw one doesn’t mean you have to put in an offer! It’s a buyer’s market! Check out as many as you want! Do you need to follow up if you end up not wanting to make an offer? Of course not! This isn’t personal, it’s business.
  7. However– do keep in mind that the higher end you go the more will be expected of you too in terms of financial stability.
  8. Once you’ve got it down to a few, do some second visits, bring some other folks for some other points of views, pros and cons, this is after all a long-term investment.
  9. Make some offers– start with the ones that seem most out of your reach– doesn’t hurt to try!
  10. You got an acceptance! You’re officially done looking but you won’t be off the market until the deal fully closes. It’s not over until it’s over and you never know when a brand new better one hits the market.

Why yes, I actually am laughing to keep from crying.

Aisha Saeed was born and raised in South Florida. She is a teacher, attorney, and writer. She recently completed her first two novels. In her free time, Aisha enjoys traveling, reading, and blogging. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and son. This piece was originally posted on her blog, Aisha Iqbal. 

2 Comments on “How to buy a house. Or marry a girl.”

  1. This is great! Humorous!

  2. Mehr says:

    Haha, this was pretty funny and surprisingly accurate!