Friday Love: G. Willow Wilson

If Scheherazade and Neil Gaiman had a baby, she would look like G. Willow Wilson‘s new novel, Alif the Unseen.

This talented young American Muslim writer has written comic books, a graphic novel (Cairo), a wonderful memoir (The Butterfly Mosque), and, now, an irresistible novel which has a foot in Eastern and Western ideas of fantasy, philosophy, religion, technology, and spirituality – and is equally comfortable in both.

Pick up Alif the Unseen and dive into its lively world today!

2 Comments on “Friday Love: G. Willow Wilson”

  1. Currently reading this book. Love it!

  2. […] of Alif the Unseen, the graphic novel, Cairo,  and the memoir, The Butterfly Mosque.   She was a Friday Love post, and you can keep up with her at @GWillowWilson, particularly if you like scifi and all sorts […]