Delusions of Grandeur


Our wonderful contributor Huda Al-Marashi pens this hilarious piece for The Rumpus in which she considers what life would look like if she was/did/believed all the things she thought she should.

I met my husband while on location at a photo shoot for a perfume ad. I was the scantily-clad siren posing in the waves, and he was the beefy guy with his hands on my waist, his face buried into curve of my neck. In between takes, we got to talking. Turned out, he was a surgeon who modeled during his vacation time to finance his underprivileged patients’ surgeries. I told him that I was a novelist and modeled in between books to support the online charity I’d founded to send unwanted makeup to women abroad…

I published my first book at twenty, and I’m currently at work on my tenth novel. My plot lines usually comes to me in a brilliant flash, and then I sit down and bang one of those puppies out in a couple of typing sessions. I am one of those writers who is blessed with never having to revise.

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