burn this letter


burn this letter

history tells us
what is written
will burn

one flick of your lighter
two, science, and
three: the flame

it’s not so cruel
love, see how the ink
is cradled in the paper

its body lengthening
in rhythm disappearing
in time, logic stands

to prove art
has nothing to lose
the words themselves

will live god knows
like metal flowers
against the last horizon

imageAbeer Hoque is a Nigerian-born, Bangladeshi-American writer and photographer. She has held two solo photography exhibitions and is currently working on a novel and a new collection of travel-themed erotic stories. “The Long Way Home” is her book of travel photographs and poems. You can read the introduction, here. See more at her site, olivewitch.com, and email her at abeer@olivewitch.com for information on how to order the book.