Amir Sulaiman

What is a poet
when he runs out of poetry
it is a man who has run out of blood
a woman who has run out of breath
I have run out of my self
into the street
where the banshees
are screaming blue and red
onto the face of my secret
I can write when my heart is broken
in two
but can’t when my heart is broken
the authorities said
there was no sign of struggle,
it must have been someone I knew::

somehow, I knew
my worst fears
my childhood fantasies
thrown about my living room
nothing was stolen
everything was broken
I’ll just have to start all over

– from the collection Love, Gnosis & Other Suicide Attempts

Amir Sulaiman is an accomplished poet, activist, recording artist and a two time HBO Def Poet. Russell Simmons refers to Amir as “blessed” and Abi Odun of The Last Poets calls Amir “the voice of this generation”. Amir’s first national debut album Like A Thief In The Night was released to critical acclaim in 2007. Amir’s published works include the books of poetry, Words of Love, Life, and Death, Love, Gnosis & Other Suicide Attempts and his poetry has also been published in numerous literary journals. In addition to writing and recording, Amir tours universities, high schools and community centers around the world where he conducts communication workshops and presentations, teaching the elements of poetry and exploring the intricacies of human language.

2 Comments on “broken”

  1. Shai says:

    Masha Allah
    Loooove his poetry.