Your Hot Muslim Men Of 2014 Pinup Calendar


Curious to see  which sexy, smart and talented men made our 2014 Hot List? Head on over to Buzzfeed and tell us who you’d add to the list!

4 Comments on “Your Hot Muslim Men Of 2014 Pinup Calendar”

  1. I’m just mad that I didn’t make the list…:p Oh, well…maybe I’ll make the 2015 list…^_^

  2. Drooling. And they are smart and/or athletic, too!

  3. […] Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex & Intimacy’, besloten de makers van de site ‘Love Inshallah’ na te gaan welke Amerikaanse moslimmannen de moeite waard zijn om in een pin-upkalender te gieten […]

  4. Where’s the hot Muslim women of 2014 pinup calendar for us brothers 😛 ?