So, A Muslim and a Jewish Girl Get Up on Stage….

This slam poetry video is making the rounds and is too moving not to share.

Amina Iro and Hannah Halpern performed this piece at the Brave New Voices 2013 Slam in Washington, DC

There is nothing like a Muslim girl and a Jewish girl collectively breaking it down, powerfully explaining that the two identities have more in common than most realize.



We also take this opportunity to send our Jewish friends warm Passover greetings, and we are holding a good thought for the slain in Kansas City.  May Allah (swt) fill our hearts with peace so that we go out into the world and be a source of light. Ameen.

We originally spotted this at Upworthy. Go give them a visit! 

3 Comments on “So, A Muslim and a Jewish Girl Get Up on Stage….”

  1. Safiyyah says:

    That made me cry, and I’m pretty selective about who/what gets my tears these days. May Allaah t’ala comfort the families and Jewish community of Kansas, and the Jews around the world. Ameen.

  2. mashallah may allah bless these kids

  3. People are all human beings with similar hopes, dreams and desires. We lose sight of that when we categorize people in groups with labels like terrorists. People may be bad or good, no matter where they come from or what religion they believe in. This video was beautiful!