Marrying Muslim Men

How are Muslim men approaching marriage in our times? How do women feel about their approach? How much are we talking past one another rather than with one another? What expectations do we have for each gender, and how in-sync with reality are they?

Great video by Nushmia Khan/Zujaja Creative!

9 Comments on “Marrying Muslim Men”

  1. Alan Howard says:

    Wow I think the men (and some of the women) in the video show through what they say the problems with marriage within the community. “she has to be hella fine and Deenin’….” Um……So your criteria is first surface and then almost as an after-thought her faith. What about her intellect? What about if her interests are similar to yours. And while I am not opposed at all to arranged marriage, the sort of focus on it by a few in the video made me sad… there really only one way to meet someone? We need to open ourselves up to other ways of doing things (not haraam ways) and be more flexible. Otherwise this ongoing problem of older Muslim women not getting married or Muslim men having high unreasonable expectations of women will persist.

  2. nina says:

    Wow, some of these people seemed really shallow. I get that people are looking for the complete package -attractiveness and religiosity- but seriously, that’s just way too much to expect for in one person. People need to look at themselves and figure out if they are worth marrying before expecting so much out of the opposite gender. Everyone has flaws and one’s marriage will not always be some smoothly sailing ship.

  3. Dark skinned girls wearing yellow? says:

    What does it even mean “dark skinned girls wearing yellow is not even fair”?? Does this mean that dark-skinned girls should not wear yellow? Or that dark skinned girls look really good in yellow? I heard some people making fun of a dark skinned girl wearing a yellow dress the other day. No one should be limited to what colours they want to wear based on their skin colour.

    • Dark skinned girls wearing yellow? says:

      Not to mention – I never knew straight Muslim guys even had an opinion on dark skinned girls wearing yellow. This is new….

  4. Halima says:

    “i just think dark-skinned girls wearing yellow is not even fair.”
    what an ignorant comment from an ignorant person

  5. The comments on this are harsh. These are just normal people doing normal things and feeling normal ways. In my eyes, this video was really reassuring. In a world where we all like to think we’re pretty unique, we’re all pretty similar.

  6. Sharie says:

    Truly a couple of delusional Muslim men on video (but what else is new :p) Do some of these individuals actually stop and think about what they say? Hella fine, I was so loved as a child (dude, your wife ain’t gonna be your mother), and the snooty comment about dark skinned girls…

    Y’all realize this is going to be played for women that serve as your target audience for wives?

    • Dark skinned girls wearing yellow? says:

      Oh yes, that guy ‘who was so loved as a child’ concerns me…..his future wife will always live a life of ‘you can never please me’ syndrome from him……lucky girl!!

      • Sharie says:

        Don’t forget the part where he mentioned he’d never met a woman who could meet his standards 🙂