Why I’m Not Fasting This Ramadan


Today on Beacon Press’s blog, Beacon Broadside, Love InshAllah editor Nura Maznavi writes about why she’s not fasting this Ramadan:

[Ramadan] meant community when I moved away from home. During my seven years living in San Francisco, dozens of friends would cram into my tiny studio apartment to break fast, all of us away from our families. When I moved to Chicago as a new bride, I met most of my closest friends here during my first Ramadan. We were invited to an iftar almost every night, with people we’d only just met welcoming us newlyweds into their homes.

Over the years, I never missed a day of fasting, except for the few days each Ramadan I was on my period. (And even then, I pretended to fast, because I didn’t want everyone to know I was on my period.)

Then, last year, for the first time in almost thirty years, I didn’t fast.

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One Comment on “Why I’m Not Fasting This Ramadan”

  1. Safiyyah says:

    Thank you for this dear Nura. I’m one of the Muslims who fall in the class of “chronically ill,” and the guilt sure does flow around during Ramadhaan. I’m glad your friend was able to remind you, and you us, of Allaah ta’ala Mercy during this month, and that there are ways that all Muslims can benefit from Ramadhaan. Hugs.