A Filmi Love Story

photo by Lara Solanki

As I write this, my husband and I are hanging out over web cam in a corner of my 17” Macbook laptop. He lives in Texas, and I in California. It is a set-up we pretty much knew about before we got married, but even then much of my desktop is being taken over by a video editing timeline while we speak. This is my feeble attempt to multi-task so we can actually have some time together, uninterrupted, when I see him in two weeks.

As it is, being a filmmaker is a full-time job. In one year, however, I will be filming my first full-length feature film, a comedy called The Tiger Hunter. It’s a mainstream, commercial movie with potentially big actors, a hilarious script, interest from major distributors, and finally featuring a Muslim in a positive role. In that year, in order to succeed, I should think, breathe, and dream about my film. This, as one may guess, makes it very hard to have a normal marriage.

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